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I am involved more than 5+ years in online industries. During this time period I develop and work on e-Commerce, Classifieds, Branding, Marketing etc. domain and along with technology I understood product life cycle and business knowledge as well for these domain. I can help on set up these businesses from scratch. Also I develop lot's of websites, portals, micro sites, E-Mailers, Creative banners and many more things which in relate to online industries.

I'm currently working with Hafizabad Social Media Marketing, Advertising Agency. as senior Tech Lead l l, here I involved in front-end development, Web Development, user story creation and projects planning. My specialization is front-end development and UI/UX design. Also I am familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), and social media optimization (SMO).

The language in which I am comfortable is English and Hindi. Along with Bachelor of computer science.

Specialties: Front-End Development and User Interface Design.

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Share your idea, Let us know, give it in our professional hand. we deal it.

* Creating a corporate identity for your business.
* We will help you find the direction you need to go.
* We will work with you to make your branding great.

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We are starting out as social shop and a digital shop. I think we are both of those things and then some. As a full-service agency, we offer everything from world-class creative and production, to paid media campaigns that actually get results, to experiential experiments that will bring consumer interaction with your brand. And so much more.


We believe in applying attention gathering tactics which 99% of Media Agency have become to complacent to adopt or implement. We listen to our clients, and we advise them and assist them in producing compelling, insight-driven creatives that generate real-world results.